The Beginning of the Beginning

Starting a blog has always seemed like a dream that was completely unreachable. I always thought you needed to have  some sort of status, an idea, a reoccurring theme. Why is that? Did anyone ever tell me that you don’t have to be ‘someone’ to have a blog? Well.. yes.. I think I just chose to ignore them and follow my own loosely-made stereotype.

Now you hear of bloggers who post recipes, advertise their products, show you the latest fashion trends. Well, I’d like you to perceive my blog as more of a surprise, a lucky-dip result, because you never know what you will see me post. But isn’t the uncertainty just all the more fun?

You probably don’t know a lot about me (or you do, considering that I’m assuming only my closest friends and family will ever read this, if even they can find the motivation), but I hope that this blog can somehow enlighten you and that you can find it even slightly relatable. While discovering me, I hope that you also discover yourself.


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